#Product Review : TechMatte Gets it Right !

In the era of Smartphones bigger than ever,it’s really hard to get few accessories which Just works right for your needs.

After getting my 6″ Nexus 6P(Best phone ever BTW!) I was in search of something to fix this giant piece of technology on my cars dashboard and I did not want some tripod stand or something hanging and staring at me from the front glass.

In just the right time I found this little piece of heaven, the product seemed shady at first but after receiving it on the prime shipping I opened the little box and I was truly impressed. TechMatte might be a small manufacturer or profit company but the material and the quality of packaging was really impressive.

#the Pros

  • the little piece of equipment has a really strong magnet and they provide two metal strips(in round and rectangle shapes) to use for two of your phones
  • the arms fit right into your vent and make it easier to keep it on the eye level while driving
  • the material used is some kind of hard-anodized  rubber and not cheap plastic
  • you can really use it for anything that can have metal to stick on keys,phones,iPods,tablets
  • It is priced at $7 which is really cheap!

#the CONs

  • It will stop the air from the vent once you place your phone as usual in all vent stands
  • the parts are somewhat loosely bound with each other ,so might fall apart from each other in rough use.

But after 3 months of use, its still going strong for me soi would really recommend this to any smartphone owner in need of one right now

If you want to check out this product you can find it here.


Image courtesy : techmatte Amazon product page

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