#ProductReview : OMOTON Case for #Nexus6p/Nexus7

I am a proud owner of a Nexus 6P and to hold this google’s phablet you really need a good grip cases and cover and I have been reviewing and working on the lot of them these days.

Omoton has sent me their latest Nexus 6P case for review and here is my take on it.

the cover is black with the almost matt finish and it fits on my nexus right on without any uncover part.now the best part I feel of this case is this doesn’t conflict with the screen protector I have (which many good cases fails to take care of) even I liked the finishing on the edges which makes the phone look sleek and angular.

I don’t see any major flaws with the cases in two days use, I would say it is heavier than the others I have used but when you have a 6″ phone you can’t argue on that

I would really consider this case because of the sturdy material they have used and the Price,that is the best part , I have used SupCase($16),Verus($19)┬áPLESON($8) and I still feel they don’t stand a chance with this one under 8 dollars.

I would really recommend this one for Nexus 6P.

If you want to buy the product from amazon please click HERE

NOTE: I have got the case free for review and this review is a personal view and not a promotional effort of the product or the company.


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