#GoogleFlights : will alert you this time of the year #TechTalk

there are a lot of players in the airline tickets business and  google flights was not making such an impact or efforts amongst them as they offer booking as well as discounts for the tickets, whereas google was just doing .what it does best, giving the information.

Random Price changes in the airline tickets seem to turn us off , With Recent few changes rolling out the Google Flights website (the service still doesn’t have its own dedicated app yet) in the coming weeks, according to Google.

With new changes, the site will let you know how long until the current fare is expected to change when you’re browsing specific flights. The feature, which uses historical flight data to make its predictions, should make surprise price increases at least a little easier to avoid.


Though Google’s flight-tracking service lacks a standalone mobile app, the company is making its mobile site a little easier to use with the ability to keep tabs on saved flights.

Similarly, Google is updating its hotel search with a new “deals” tab that shows discounted rates as well as when there are lower rates as part of a hotel’s loyalty program.



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