Can’t find your phone? #SENQIAO to the rescue! #AmazonReview

Fed up of watching a mess desk ? Was cellphone missing again ? Looking for the phone here and there ?

Now don’t worry about that! This stand is a Perfect Organizer! Keep your phones, tablets, Watch, lightning cable and pens in a tidy way.

Being a person who likes things organized and uncluttered, I have been looking for something to keep my phone and watch on as storage and to charge. This Apple Watch and phone stand is a perfect combination. It does not charge the phone or watch in any way, but it enables me to put them in on a desk or nightstand to keep them safe and in one place.

You will never miss any calls, messages, alarm clock or looking for the phone here and there.

Just Loved  new addition on my desk!

-> The material is pure wood and the size is really compact for every smartphone.
-> It doesn’t make your desk cluttered unnecessary and provide easy access for charging cable from bottom
-> I did not try the iWatch charge thing but I think its really a Fit for apple products
-> Nothing, in particular, bad about this product but the price 29$ is I guess too much for a smaller holder.

Buy at Amazon ! and email me if you want Discount!


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