EasySMX’s Ring mouse makes it smaller!

As tech reviewers, it’s our sole purpose to find weird tech products, useful tweak them and then present it to you in useful ways. EasySMX  being an innovative tech provider often sends us their amazin tech products for review. and this time they have sent their awesome Ring Mouse which we are going to test today and hopefully make it usefull in some ways.

the ring mouse is a simple ring type device which sits on your index and gives you all functions of a regular sized mouse. With it’s Cute, simple and practical design. It avoids the harm on your wrist and muscle from corporal tunnel syndrome.

Scrolling function can be controlled simply by your thumb entirely like we used to do on old blackberry phones.it supports your both hands for comfortable control all day long.

although after testing it we felt that it can not be used comfortably for the functions you do with a regular mouse all day but still, it is pretty useful with your lectures, business meeting presentation. Also if you want to be more comfortable to watch a movie lying on the sofa or bed, you can wear this finger mouse ring

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It has USB interface, Plug-and-Play. The five buttons can be programmed via disk driver. DPI can be changed via cursor switching. Advanced 2.4GHz for fast data transmission with no interference. Powerful 10m wireless range with tiny USB 2.0 receiver compatible with WinXP/ Win7/ Win8/ Win10/. Support Mac OS (Mac or iMac), although it does not support iOS  (iPhone or iPad) till now.

honestly, after using it for like an hour we felt that it is pretty hard to maneuver it for your daily job function but it certainly is one of the great design to impress people with some small time jobs.

You can buy this from amazon from here or you can visit the website for worldwide shipping.




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