Makeup Sponge Blender + Premium Silicone Blender by FairyLand

Being Fashionista takes a lot! and your makeup kit is your main tool to help you get there.Because sometimes having the best makeup does not cut it, you have to know how to apply it perfectly and get the best our of it.

This week we have got a chance to review this amazing pack of makeup sponges by Fairyland.

This Kit talks to beginners or the newbies of the makeup world.we have tried it 2-3 times and it is really nice for those who are not yet professionals in the makeup application. it takes you one step higher in the game.


Start out with about half the foundation you normally would. This silicone sponge applies your foundation smoothly you will end up with a way too much foundations and it will cause caking and streaking. This is great for laying down the initial makeup smoothly and using less makeup that way you will be saving so much money in the long run, then blend with the teardrop sponge.

and the package includes :2 x clear silicone makeup blender+3 x beauty sponge blender.The silicone blender are perfect for foundations,concealers and other liquid/cream products!Sponge blender in dry conditions applied with blush,powder and foundation,eye shadow.In wet conditions applied with BB cream,foundation cream…In which case first immersed into water, otherwise it will absorb a lot of cosmetics,resulting in waste.Don’t mix the wet and dry together and keep them apart.

you can buy these amazing magiv makeup tools from amzon from below link



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