AG Magnet Review : Small Magnet for Big stuff

This amazing magnets are a little magic in the box, but they are so strong that you can almost use them anywhere.

Best uses for these amazing magnets


Refrigerator Magnets
Cabinet Latches
Magnetic Jewelry Clasps
Locating Nails Under Flooring
Magnetic Therapy
Erasing Video & Audio Tapes
Accelerating the Aging of Wine & Liquor
Holding Spare Keys in Place


Securing a Tarp to Machinery or Cars
Holding Banners on Cars & Boats
Securing Tarps on outdoor grills
Magnetize a Fishing Reel
Warehouse Organization
Picking up Stray Nails & Screws
Garage Organizers


Magnetic Stirrers
Tool / Knife Holders
Homemade Compass
Metal Detectors
Stud Finders
Removing Dents from Brass Musical Instruments
Remagnetizing Old Magnets


Christmas Light Hangers
Pictures or Decoration Hangers
Science Experiments
Holding Wings on Model Airplanes
Pierce-free Body Jewelry
Attaching Name Tags to Clothing without Pins


  • SUPER STRONG – Each set includes 25 magnets that are 10x stronger than regular ceramic magnets, use just 1 to hold up to 12 pages or even a whole calendar!
  • BONUS STORAGE CASE – Store them in the perfectly designed plastic case along with foam insert to keep magnets in place. This is the case you’ve always wanted to store everything tiny! Small gadgets for organizing, traveling or around the house. It also includes a convenient zip top bag.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE – Perfect size for hanging your photos and notes on the refrigerator, whiteboard and other metal surfaces.
  • USE EVERYWHERE! – In your office, refrigerator, whiteboard, garage, kid’s rooms. Also for your jewelry, crafts, garage, kid’s rooms, science projects, home improvement projects…there is no limit as to how to use them!
  • PACK INCLUDES – 25 Magnets + Storage Case with foam insert to store your magnets when not in use and 2 E-Books (40+ Taco Recipes & 200 Home Improvement Tips)

You can buy them from amazon from here



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