Light your Smart Garage in just 14$!

Making things smarter is a new trend. and why does your driveway or garage should be left out from the fun.

We have found the perfect smart light with motion sensor and quite a nice lightening LEDs for making it a perfect thing to own in just 14 bucks from Amazon, check it out.

  • Unique design: CURVED appearance which could make good use of more sunshine and have good lighting angle. Its appearance has gained patent certified by the European Union.
  • PASS BY, LIGHT ON The sensitive motion sensor detects motion up to 24 feet. And the recommended installing height is 5-6 feet.
  • Energy and Money SAVING product: use solar energy and AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH to the bright mode and dim mode at night or keep off during the day.
  • Different from other solar lights, it has 2 warm white lamp beads at the back to ensure nearby security and build great environment when at dark but no people pass.
  • ABS plastic and high-level waterproof characters make it DURABLE and GUARANTEED. GAIN APPROVEMENT of CE, RoHS, FCC, and PSE.

You can buy this amazing light from Amazon with below link


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