Sterline makes you all shiny!

We always wonder what is so special about electronic toothbrushes apart from being just an expensive toys or something a regular toothbrush does for free, but after checking out this amazing  Sterline electronic toothbrush sent to us by BetterBasics, we were shocked how much this little guy can do.

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there are few amazing features with this UV protecting set which we could not find in other brands and hence this is hands down a winner.


Perhaps our favorite feature of this toothbrush is its UV cleaning capabilities. Every time you store your brush heads after use, you can turn on the UV light inside their storage case to remove up to 99% of any bacteria that’s present.


Most expensive toothbrush sets come with more modes than you will ever need but that is not the case with sterline. it comes with 4 perfect modes you will need for most basic functions you want to perform with your brush.

Modes – Clean, Soft, Whiten, Massage


the sterline electronic brush set is equipped with  Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, as Another important feature on any rechargeable toothbrush is the length of time that it can hold its charge. This Sterline brush does have reliable battery life once fully charged, and most customers have had a very positive experience while using this brush. In most cases, the brush will last you about two weeks on one charge


After looking at a lot of electric toothbrushes in we think the Sterline Sonic Pulse seems to strike the right balance of affordability and useful features. This is a great brush and we really liked the UV cleaning technology in particular. It also comes with 12 EXTRA brush heads with the package and cost literally half the price of all those mega products you see in the market.

You can buy this from the BetterBasics link for $59


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